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Our Tracking Solutions, we understand how important child safety is for every parent. Our School Bus Solutions provides all elements needed to make your child’s travel safer, the parent also stays informed about the child whereabouts via the bus location. Children are playful and carefree, but their safety should never take a backseat. Hence, we bring services that will act as a watchful eye in school buses, ensuring better vigilance and lesser effort for the school management and parents.
Our School Bus Safety package helps improve safety and lets the children be their playful self.

Ours School Bus Solutions offers features which are technologically advanced and yet delivers simplicity in use.

Live Tracking

  • Live tracking lets you monitor the location and movement of the school bus your child is in on a real-time basis.
  • Live tracking is made easily accessible across all platforms and via the OGTS mobile app.


  • Enables the management to create virtual boundaries for individual vehicles, any breach of boundary alerts the authorities in real time.

Estimated Time of Arrival or ETA Alerts

  • ETA alerts are sent via SMS or Notification to the parents about the estimated arrival time of the bus, the parent can decide how much in advance the alert should be sent based on their convenience.
  • Waiting time can be drastically cut short, get notified in case the bus gets delayed.

RFID Integration

  • RFID integration provides an efficient system for maintaining attendance reports. Every child enrolled in the Bus service is provided with an RFID card which the child shall swipe both on entry and exit from the bus.
  • Parents are notified whenever their child boards or disembarks from the bus.

Mobile App

  • Our convenient Mobile App for School Bus monitoring provides an interactive platform for real-time tracking and ETA notifications.

Video Surveillance

  • Our video-surveillance facility provides the school management the ability to monitor school buses. The live-streaming feature enables the management/ parent to view the activities within the bus as they unfold.