Vehicle tracking will help you regain control. But it depends on the system you choose to work with.

So you are planning for a significant investment to install GPS vehicle tracking on your fleet, and now you are wondering if it would be worth it. You were sold the idea that vehicle tracking would help you regain control of your fleet/drivers and cut operational costs.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. GPS vehicle tracking system can be an extremely valuable tool, but it doesn’t provide many benefits by itself.

And yes, such a system will give you the information, but will not tell you how to use that information to make changes that will affect the bottom line of your fleet operations.


How to choose the best vehicle tracking service?

Managing fleet is like herding cats, there are many vehicle tracking companies in Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia and in other parts of the world.

And most of the tools available in the market (Vehicle tracking software) are pretty basic, and nearly all of them focus on just one challenge, i.e., locate vehicles on the map.

None of these tools address any of the plethoras of other problems faced by the fleet owners such as:

  • Gauge vehicle utilization to help right-size fleet;
  • Trips & Jobs scheduling;
  • Periodic maintenance going unnoticed;
  • Lack of control over fleet & drivers;
  • Inability to validate driver behavior and the list goes on.

And many fleet owners have been fooled by some of the providers in the region mainly due to lack of awareness. They often wonder if software can resolve their operational challenges.

Some vendors seem to find ways to get prospects to their net, sell them on a product at a low price, and then change the rules when support calls arise. These vendors offer cheesy platforms that do not solve real fleet operational challenges. We’ve heard of horror stories of the types (GPS tracking service providers) who woo fleet owners, make a sale at a low price and then disappear.

Take note of these three essential points while choosing the right GPS vehicle tracking service;

1. Robust GPS vehicle tracking device (Important: Insist on device protocol document too, you might need this if you plan to switch over to a new provider);

2. A well-developed vehicle tracking software that can resolve your fleet operational issues; remember, just tracking the vehicle is not enough; the platform should actually use that information to help you automate your fleet and cut operational cost.

3. An excellent customer service staff.

Apply these general strategies to your GPS tracking buying process and you will be well on your way to making the right decision in order to take full control of your fleet.

If you want to see all the improvements that convinced you to make the investment in GPS tracking to begin with, then you may need to upgrade to a fleet automation system.


What makes Avlview different from other service providers?

Avlview is highly configurable and provides accurate reports, timely data, and robust mapping capabilities that help you to analyze a broad range of metrics to manage your fleet operations correctly.

If you are looking to get the most from your GPS vehicle tracking, you will want a solutions that can help you squeeze the maximum ROI.

65% of our clients have had vehicle tracking system done by other service providers and failed. Our team helped them all to move from chaos to control.

Know whom you are dealing with. Research well before you spend on a vehicle tracking system.



Live GPS Vehicle tracking brings your operational costs under control..

Live GPS tracking is all about having useful information regarding your fleet readily available to you. Not just any data, but data that is timely and accurate.

The data is refreshed every 10-30 seconds providing each vehicle’s exact position. The display is an easy to use map with arrows showing the route that any chosen vehicle has taken. The screen is auto-refreshed so you can follow your vehicle’s movement on a detailed map, including street address.


Live GPS vehicle tracking

Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times helps you regain control of your fleet operations. With notifications, you will know how fast the vehicle was driven, where and when the vehicle stopped, and for how long.

Wexoz vehicle tracking system offers real time data on:

  • Location of your vehicles
  • Vehicle Speed, Stoppages
  • Driver information
  • Odometer & Fuel level** in the fuel tank
  • Ignition, Door & Aircon Status

Track vehicles on Google map

The map data is licensed for business use and is the latest updated version of Google Maps. It allows you to store points on map, such as landmarks, stops and delivery addresses.

The map automatically updates and pans with the movement of your vehicle and shows you the route with arrows marked on map.

  • Create unlimited Points of Interest
  • Easy to see visualization for moving vehicles
  • Maps load fast
  • Worldwide road, traffic data
  • 99.9% uptime reliability

Live tracking on your mobile

No more hassles of carrying your laptops around, just track your vehicles on the go, that too live 24/7 on your mobile device. With this real time meaningful data, you can address problems in real time, while improving your operations over the long term.

  • iOS & Android versions
  • Live tracking on map
  • Live Fuel and Speed Readings
  • Mobile notifications

Tracking history upto 6 months

Live GPS vehicle tracking alone wouldn’t answer your questions; fetch your vehicle’s tracking history anytime for upto 6 months, know where your vehicles been to, where did they stop, for how long and what driving violations resulted en-route.

With 3 modes (Auto, Custom & Trip), you may draw the historical data as you want it to be.

  • Create routes with waypoints from history
  • Weekly heatmap showing the most engaged routes
  • Alerts & stop notifications en-route
  • Animated history replay

Share vehicle movement with clients

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more than being honest upto the word you promised your clients; delivering on time. What if the delay is out of your control, caused by an accident or extreme weather? Just share the vehicle location so that your clients may track their shipment/ courier on map in real time.

  • Share live GPS vehicle tracking session
  • Set link expiry with time frames
  • Fully secured, shares only vehicle info

Real time trip coverage with ETA

Create instant daily trips for your vehicles on map, include all your landmarks as waypoints enroute and get estimated time of arrival at each point; so you know the approximate time vehicles take to reach your client locations.

Nothing is more effective in calming an impatiently waiting customer than being able to ascertain the exact time of arrival. Create your own schedules and get Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)’s based on the time you specify for each stop point.

  • Recalculated ETA at each waypoint en-route.
  • Updated trip progress on Map

Real time road traffic data

Now you know how to keep your clients on course in occasions of delayed deliveries. But, what if you could avoid all those delivery delays by identifying road traffic & re-routing your vehicles?

Traffic layer on map helps you analyse road traffic in real time and organize trips accordingly using ‘Create Instant Trip’ feature.

  • View PoIs on map clubbed with traffic layers
  • Real time vehicle tracking with road traffic data

Monitor fuel & detect fuel theft**

Is your tank running questionably low? With digital fuel sensors, you would be able to pinpoint fuel wastage or even outright fuel theft.

Overall, your fuel expense is going to be a big part of any business that requires a fleet of vehicles. It’s important to use a fleet system that helps you track this expense so you can keep it under control.

  • Upto 95% accuracy
  • Real time fuel level monitoring
  • Accurate data on refuelling and draining
  • Alerts on low fuel, refuel & drain

World wide coverage

If you are tired of struggling with the cost of a fleet that is not running at its best, then let us help you get to the point you need to be at. Contact us today for a personal consultation.

  • Singapore
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)
  • India
  • Mauritius
  • United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
  • Qatar
  • Kenya
  • Bahrain


Set vehicle tracking alerts, and be on top of things..

At Wexoz, we understand the anxieties/worries that come with your fleet operations. This is why we introduced notifications feature to alert you immediately on unforeseen events that require your attention.

Whether it’s a schedule failure, theft attempt or route deviation, you can rest easy and focus on your business, the system prompts you what you can act upon – the exceptions.


Vehicle tracking alerts by SMS, Email & Mobile

  • Geofences
  • Trips
  • Fuel
  • GPS Devices
  • Others

Useful, shareable and printable vehicle tracking reports give you the key data that matters..

No more sifting through statistics-dense documents, because now our easy-to-use vehicle tracking reports and charts do the sorting for you.

If you are one of those, who tried a few GPS vehicle tracking systems in the past, you know well, merely having any vehicle tracking system wouldn’t help you organize fleet management with ease.

Update: We recently released Ad-Hoc tracking reports. You will have better control on the kind of vehicle tracking reports your business requires.


Vehicle tracking charts

Wexoz vehicle tracking reports make fleet management simple and elegant with the help of professional-quality charts. Decision making has never been so easy! No more sifting through statistics-dense documents, because the easy-to-use charts do the sorting for you.


Vehicle tracking reports

Make it easy to make smart decisions the moment next you feel there's something not right; do not let the words of drivers & manually filled trip logs influence your fleet operations. Have it all e-logged; trip reports based on time, ignition status and your located points on map. Simple yet neat and easy to understand GPS tracking reports on various fleet scenarios providing you an overall understanding on the flaws & loopholes on your fleet operations.

Easily manage Vehicle Service & Maintenance..

Vehicle maintenance is the key to keeping your fleet up and running at its most optimum level, and with AVLView, you can incorporate maintenance notifications into your fleet management system.

Tire changes, oil changes, transmission fluid changes and tune-ups are just a few of the many recommended vehicle maintenance services that you have to keep track of, along with the day to day operations of your business.


Add vehicle service reminders

Have you ever tried to calculate how much money you would have wasted on vehicle parts? That’s probably a number you try to get away with. A disciplined vehicle service & maintenance check is the best way to avoid these unnecessary expenses.


Manage operating costs

Would you like to know why your fleet costs went up? Keep a log on all your expenses viz., amount spent on fuel, service, driver salary, insurance, tax etc., and identify how much you spent for each vehicle to run on road.

Why buy new vehicles or employ new drivers when you can make use of your current staff? All you need to do is optimize the process with hard valid data.

Create all your delivery points on the map..

Wexoz helps better manage your everyday fleet operations by storing delivery points such as company offices, branches, client locations, depots, schools, and any other custom locations.

This feature helps you with a detailed landmark history report with timestamps of each exit/entry point and identifying whether the stop was authorized or not.


Points of interest/Delivery points

Points of Interest (POIs) are useful places on a map.

Some examples include warehouses, distribution centers, delivery points, bus stops, student pickup/drop off points, service centers, labour camps, or whatever they are. You can now plot all your business points/landmarks as Points of Interest (PoI’s). You can even set alerts to notify you when a vehicle enters or leaves a point.

  • Add A new PoI using lat-long values.
  • Upload all PoIs by once.
  • Add vehicle’s current location as PoI on mobile device.

Add stop points as PoI’s

You may often find it hard to find the exact delivery points and mark them as PoIs on map. The good news is that the vehicle tracking system automatically process historical data and suggests PoIs based on the stop points your vehicles made.

  • Delivery points or PoIs are colour coded to easily identify categories (e.g. red for school, blue for bus stops etc.)
  • Define larger buffer range for PoIs (10m to 100m).
  • Mark unauthorized to enter locations as ‘No-go zones’.
  • Get alerts when vehicles arrive/leave/stop at Points of Interest/Landmarks.


Fuel monitoring to prevent tank draining and fraud attempts..

The cost of fuel is always a concern, and fuel savings continue to be fundamentally important in running a successful fleet operation. In most vehicle operations fuel expenses account for at least 32% of operating costs, so fuel monitoring & management is the logical place to start in order to reach fuel efficiency.

There are many factors that influence fuel consumption, and knowing these factors at all levels is important if real improvement is to be made.


Real time fuel level monitoring

One of the many reasons why a fleet owner implements vehicle tracking system for his/her long route truck is to regain control over the losses incurred on road. And so as a first step, he/she should focus on reducing fuel wastage and catch enroute fuel theft attempts.

Unmonitored vehicles are left vulnerable to fuel theft, and the surveillance of fuel tank level becomes critical to catching thieves in their act. Subscribe to Wexoz fuel monitoring system with vehicle tracking, you won’t be disappointed.


Get alerted on refuel & drain

Let the fuel vouchers/bills your drivers bring be kept aside, those are easy to manipulate. The fact is, you clearly should have an idea about fuel refill volume on your trucks, ie., what volume of fuel was refilled, at what time, where was it filled etc.

Apply fuelling restrictions on your fleet which in turn would reduce usage, theft, abuse and wastage.


Analyse fuel efficiency

With Wexoz fuel monitoring system, wasted fuel will be a thing of the past. You can monitor, analyse fuel refilling and consumption even without using additional accessories like fuel sensor rods. Those who use spreadsheet would find this feature handy.

You may upload fuel refill data on a spreadsheet directly to the platform. Once uploaded, fuel logs are created and the fuel expenses are e-logged.



Trip schedule with pre-planned routes/waypoints…

When you don’t have the right tools, it can feel like getting deliveries in on schedule is out of your hands because you can’t control all the factors that affect it. With trip schedule feature however, you can bring many of the things that affect your deliveries under your control.

No more late deliveries. You can now pre-schedule your trips and, if the vehicle violates scheduled times, you receive alerts via cell phone or email.


Pre-plan trips in advance

Assign your vehicles/personnel with a timetable for them to follow, view trip progress on map and get alerted if they violate the schedules.

  • Assign pre-planned routes to a trip schedule.
  • Add upto 24 waypoints in each trip schedule.
  • Trip schedules can be day/week based (e.g. Mon-Fri every week, Tue-Sat in every 2 weeks)
  • Alerts on Early arrival/departure, Late arrival/departure and Route deviations.

Create & assign instant trips

You may create instant daily trips for your vehicles on map, include all the client locations en-route and get estimated time of arrival at destination/final point; so you know the approximate time vehicles take to reach your client locations/project sites.

Instant trips cannot be repeated.

  • Assign route-fence from the previously created ones
  • Add upto 24 waypoints in each trip schedule.
  • View trip progress on map with ETA.
  • Add trip costs and generate report on trip expenses.


Monitor and analyse fleet usage. Measure what matters..

Better fleet management begins with better measurement. There are dozens, if not hundreds of fleet metrics that can provide insight into operational performance.

Cutting through all the chaff to determine the most insightful fleet metrics can be quite a challenge. But it is important to have the right set of metrics that can give fleet owners the critical feedback on whether fleet operational initiatives are achieving the desired objective.


Analyse vehicle utilisation

Our utilisation charts and reports enable you to assign work to drivers properly, achieve more with fewer drivers and avoid excessive spending. Sensible, real-time information on your vehicles’ performance lets you make smart decisions for fleet automation in a swift manner.

  • Vehicle utilisation chart
  • Compare ideal vs actual usage of your vehicles
  • Analysis on distance travelled, hours plied & trips made
  • Data that helps rein in operational costs

Analyse driver performance

Reckless & irresponsible drivers are the most serious pain for any company that runs a fleet for their services. An in-depth analysis of fleet data hold them accountable and helps you identify/address issues before they cost you dearly.

The driver scorecard rates drivers on a scale of 1-10 based on their driving performance over a period of time.

Parameters considered for this review are:

  • Distance covered, time taken, speeding duration & idling in trips
  • AC Misuse, sudden acceleration, harsh braking & cornering
  • Accidents occurred, seatbelt violation


Set up custom­ized access and security levels to meet the needs of your organization..

Wexoz powerful role-based permission system makes it easy to define the access level for each user on your account.

Create unlimited users and assign them to specific groups for easier management. Users with limited vehicle access will only be able to see the vehicles they are authorized to access.


Add vehicle groups

Create as many as vehicle groups (eg: Sales, Purchase, Delivery etc) and assign respective vehicles to each, so your fleet management would just be a walk in the park. Not just that, with an organizational structure, you can even create numerous departments and assign staffs & vehicles to each, giving specific working hours for each department (eg: 9.00am to 6.30pm).

  • Color coding for groups for easier identification
  • Generate GPS tracking reports based on groups
  • Assign vehicle groups to multiple users

Role based user hierarchy

Possible that you are truly busy with your business and you do not have enough time to peep through your fleet management system all the while. Why bother? Create multiple application users using your admin privileges and assign modules to be taken care of. Let them do the job for you, so you keep focussing on your business goals.

  • Create unlimited users, no restrictions whatsoever
  • User access can be role/privilege based or/and group based
  • User statistics report to monitor user activities


Useful integrations with your custom software..

What if you could get all these data to your ERP system and make your operations automated?

Integrate with over 150+ API/Web Services for a seamless and smooth integration with other applications, say ERP/CRM, providing you with one single interface.


3rd party apps integration

Wexoz draws a huge collection of data including drivers’ stamp in/stamp out times, vehicle first/last active times, trip reports, stoppage reports, harsh driving instances and many more highly useful information that could be vital for you in your daily operations.

What if you could get all these data to your ERP system and make your operations automated? That is possible now, this all-in-one GPS tracking software provides over 150+ API/Web Services for a seamless and smooth integration with other applications, say ERP/CRM, providing you with one single interface.


GPS tracking device integration

Over 60% of our clients had previously used a GPS vehicle tracking system and failed miserably. Chances are you invested in GPS tracking in the first place because you wanted to spend less time and money managing your fleet, and more on growing and managing your business.

Wexoz is a device independent Software as a Service (SaaS) platform integrated with over 30 of the best GPS vehicle tracking devices in the market.

If you have your own GPS tracking devices, chances are that those tracking devices are already integrated or we may try integrating the same with the software. If the integration is successful, we can use your existing tracking devices and help you get so much more out of it.



School admins testify that placing a GPS device on school buses improved efficiency..

If you’re a school administrator and are looking for better ways to make your school bus system more efficient, perhaps you should consider GPS based School bus tracking for all of your buses.

To learn more about the convenience and simplicity of School bus tracking and how they can benefit your school, please contact us today.


Real time school bus tracking

As a parent, there’s nothing more stressful than, child not reaching home on time after school hours. It makes parents nervous enough, their mind framing up a 100 possible nightmares.

Why all these hassles when you can get the best out of Wexoz school bus tracking module?

  • Live school bus tracking for school management & parents
  • Shows estimated time of arrival at each bus stop
  • iOS & Android school bus app for parents to track their kid’s trip progress

RFID integration for student tracking

With the integration of RFID devices, get a quick idea on all students entered/missed the bus. Each student will be given a unique RFID configured to his/her name, every swipe they make while entering or leaving bus will be recorded & sent as notifications to parents.

  • Assign students to pre-scheduled school bus trips & stops
  • Add students to school bus module with their grade info (class, division etc)
  • Parents to be given a user account for real time tracking
  • Real time notifications on all RFID events

Alert notifications with student tracking

School bus tracking module offers a wide range of alert notifications to parents via SMS/mobile notifications & emails. School management would as well get alerted on occasions of schedule violations, ie., mismatch in times, route deviations & missed stoppages.

  • Alerts via SMS/mobile notifications, email, on-screen popup
  • Alerts can be configured individually (user-defined)